Biological Effects of Microwaves in Living Systems

Interaction of Microwaves with Living Systems. Thermal Effects of Microwave Irradiation. Microwave generators are the first nonionizing radiation sources that permitted the emission of focused beams of very high energy density. The action of electromagnetic fields on the tissues produces two types of effects that control the dielectric behaviour. One is the oscillation of free charges or ions and the other the rotation of dipole molecules at the frequency of the applied electromagnetic energy. The first gives rise to conduction currents with associated energy loss due to electrical resistance of the medium, and the other affects the displacement current through the medium with an associated loss, due to viscosity.

Biological Effects of Microwaves in Living Systems.

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Non-thermal Biological Effects of Microwaves

Non-thermal Biological Effects of Microwaves


Electromagn Biol Med. 2008;27(4):409-17.

Extremely low-frequency magnetic fields effects on the snail single neurons.

Partsvania B, Sulaberidze T, Modebadze Z, Shoshiashvili L. Department of Biocybernetics, Institute of Cybernetics, Tbilisi, Georgia.

The aim of present work is to explore the influence of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (8.34 and 217 Hz) utilized in cell phones on habituation of the mollusk single neuron to intracellular stimuli. The isolated nervous system of the mollusk Helix Pomatia was used in the experiments. Helmholtz coils were used to expose brain ganglia to the low-frequency electromagnetic fields. Peak values of the extremely low-frequency fields were between 1 and 6 mT. Neuron electrophysiology was investigated using a standard microelectrode technique. Exposure of the neuron to the low-frequency electromagnetic fields caused dehabituation to intracellular stimulus. The effect was proportional to the magnetic induction peak value. The observed dehabituation occurs by degradation of the signal to noise ratio and by alteration of the neuron's normal function.

PMID: 19037790 [PubMed - in process]


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