EHS And Iron Overload: A Biogenic Magnetite Mechanism?

There have been a number of emails lately about the Iron Overload possible tie-in to EHS. Here may be some info and potential support/solution for the Iron Overload situation challenging the electrically hypersensitivity person. The info below is extracted from my document:


By James Beal, EMF Interface Consulting, Wimberley, TX //www.emfinterface.com

Presented at the Whole Person Health Summit 2005, Washington, D.C.

Excerpt from Document Abstract: Life cannot exist without evolution of the environmental energy detection, storage and transmission capabilities of the living cell, which contains a variety of biological liquid crystal (LC) forms. The lipid molecules of all biological membranes exist in various LC states, providing a matrix for information storage and environmental sensing. LCs may provide fundamental support and detection mechanisms for electric and magnetic fields. This includes sound and light, and may explain quantum-level sensitivity in some cases. Document Excerpt: Biogenic Magnetite Mechanism (Kirschvink) [33-36] Liquid Crystal (LC) properties in living systems may provide the basic support for several of the background mechanisms proposed to explain the biosystem effects of natural and artificial EMFs. In this case the LCs in their various biosystem forms may react to amplify unusual internal or external energy inputs, transmitting their sensing reactions to stimulate other systems, e.g., immune system response, melatonin production, various symptoms, etc. Biogenic magnetite is found primarily in the brain and highly enervated ethmoid sinus area in humans. It is also found in specific brain areas of insects, fish, birds and mammals, and more concentrated in the brains of migratory creatures, which must get their cues from geomagnetic variations and patterns. This biomagnetite is most likely concentrated in a differentiated cell type (a magnetocyte), which might contain thousands of magnetosomes (individual crystals of single-domain molecular size). In the almost quantum-energy detection level of biological sensors to EMFs, the LCs in these areas may play an important part in detecting and amplifying the effects of EMFs on the magnetosomes -- perhaps providing fixed storage of environmental geo-electromagnetic patterns for migration/navagation purposes. Dr. Kirschvink states: [36] The discovery of biogenic magnetite (Fe3O4) in a variety of human tissues suggests that it may be responsible for some of the reported effects of weak, ELF magnetic fields. A previous analysis suggests that individual crystals of magnetite of single domain size could contribute enough mechanical energy to activate trans-membrane ion channels. Detailed analysis of the magnetic property data from human tissues (normal and pathological) indicate the presence of substantial magnetic intergrain interaction effects. This implies that biological averaging of ELF EMF effects at the cell membrane is a possibility.

Since biogenic magnetite seems to be ubiquitous in the environment, it may have played a basic role in the initial development of living systems and various sensing mechanisms. There is much evidence that biological forms follow the energy patterns laid down by the waveforms of the environment. Electromagnetic vibration can rearrange molecules and macro-molecules into patterned forms (sound, RF, microwave, heat, light, etc.) Lissajou or Chladni figures produced in liquid and solids appear as structural biological patterns in simple organisms (diatoms, for example) [13]. References:

13. Hagan, B. & Reid, B, "The Mathematical Transformation of Growth and Form -- I: Transferring the Wave -- Particle Duality From Physics To Biology and Proposing Wave Interaction As A Key Determinant Of Biological Structure." Prince of Wales Hospital, Univ. NSW, Randwick 2031 Queen Elizabeth II Res. Inst., Univ. Sydney, Camperdown 2050, Australia. In Medical Hypotheses, No. 6, pp 559-609, 1980.

33. Kirschvink, J., et. al. "Magnetite Biomineralization In the Human Brain." Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., Vol. 89, pp 7683-7687, Aug 1992.

34. Kirschvink, J., et. al. "Magnetite-based Magneto-receptors: Ultrastructural, Behavioral, and Biophysical Studies." Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Palo Alto, CA, technical report TR-102008, 1993.

35. Kobayashi, A. & Kirschvink, J. "Ferromagnetism and EMFs." Nature, Vol. 374, pg. 123, Mar 9, 1995.

36. Kirschvink, J. "Can Weak ELF Magnetic Fields Produce Significant Effects on Biogenic Magnetite?" Project Abstracts, pg. 79,The Annual DOE/EPRI Review On Bioeffects of Electric & Magnetic Fields. Palm Springs CA, Nov 1995.


I can't help but wonder about a person's iron level, EHS, and the occasional unusual side effects of MRI exposure!!.....


James B. Beal
EMF Interface Consulting



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