Does Short-Term Exposure to Mobile Phone Base Station Signals Increase Symptoms in Individuals who Report Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Fields?

Phone mast allergy 'in the mind'?

Essex EHS study

Essex Provocation Study finds no effect


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Dear Andy, Thanks for your swift response, am forwarding this.

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There is a paradox in that the Essex study was conducted very well indeed, within the parameters of its assumptions. And that is where the problem lies. I don't, for example, think that the Essex researchers were part of any conspiracy, nor that they were nobbled. I'm sure of two things: universities know which side their bread is buttered, and a department whose only recourse to explanation is psychological will find a psychological explanation. If you only have a hammer, everything is a nail.

We still have big unknowns about what creates sensitivity, and whether the EM fields interactions with other things are the clue. My comment on TETRAWatch about vertical potentials in the Essex lab is something that really should be tested, and I did point the Essex researchers to Keith Jamieson at Imperial to talk about this, but they have not.

The biggest assumption is that the effect is direct single-field energy absorption alone. This is a simplistic and linear model that I for one do not believe is true. There is no clear understanding of frequency-related distance, nor of the interaction of different fields etc.

Nevertheless the two extensions to the data interpretation should include:

1) how many subjects withdrawing on grounds of health did so from a sham exposure session

2) why were subjects with higher scores not recalled as a subset for repeat testing? If 3 people out of 10 (let's say) are consistently able to detect exposure, it is incorrect to average them out against people who cannot.

What I still fail to see is why a psychosomatic explanation has more evidence behind it than that the experimental conditions were not conducive to a real response.

Finally, there is a great deal of research showing that biological systems react to EM fields of one sort or another, and at low exposure levels. No provocation testing is going to prove this research false. What we need is to establish in what ways Essex missed the key factors behind "rapid sensitivity".

If you wish to circulate this answer to the Mast list etc., please feel free to do so.


Unwise / incorrect to concede that -

".... I completely agree with the research which has shown conclusively the the emissions from masts DO NOT DIRECTLY CAUSE ILLNESS. This is backed up by the many laboratory tests on mice and other animals whose DNA is not altered by the radiation from masts and mobiles. Whether or not long term exposure will cause illnesses remains to be seen...." (John)

There is more than sufficient scientific demonstration that low intensity chronic exposure to mobile comms, signals does significantly perturb critical cellular action and endocrine system performance. When this first occurs in a living thing they enter a phase of non well being, as the body tries to cope, continuing into conspicuous illnesses of many sorts.

While the establishment's 'fail to find' is always very popular - with them, it shouldn't be uncritically accepted by us.


Mind how you go

As the leader of the Essex University Psychological Study of ES, Prof. Elaine Fox, found - the "power of the mind" is truly remarkable.

I was investigated for symptoms associated with masts at a private hospital, long before I knew about electrosensativity, Tetra etc. My mind must be the most remarkable ever, to have been able to give myself nose bleeds, skin rash, flu like symptoms, sleep disruption, tinnitus like symptoms all before I was aware of any contribution from mobile masts and dect phones.

I must then have gone on to cause my neighbours to have the same symptoms, before they also knew of problems with low intensity chronic mast exposure. There were many thyroid disorders, several mnd cases and some even died before we found out the common thread - an over energetic Dolphin network tetra base site, located at Drumcarrow Hill, between Cupar and St. Andrews, Fife. Ray Weldon of Airwave said that people were just "jumping on the bandwagon" when they reported the very same symptoms as I had reported to him and the NRPB in 2003. So people all over the country reporting the same classic symptoms long before they knew about masts, or perhaps they were just copying or being infected by me.

The sparrows left my garden when I 'heard' the noise here and came back when they permanently closed down the Dolphin network mast and when I stopped 'hearing' the sound. (microwave hearing). So I must also have passed my anxiety on to the birds.

Wonder whether I can predict the lottery numbers with these remarkable powers? Perhaps Professor Fox can help me to do that. I 'll even share the winnings with her so she can go on to do more of her research! Perhaps she might try exposing sensitive people to nuts and if they cannot tell when the nuts are in or out of the room, she can prove that people who die from nut allergy could only have killed themselves through unnecessary worry.

Start with the conclusion that the problem is psychological - then work backwards. Why not neurology or skin specialists? Why do government ministries and industries deeply implicated in causing major health problems use the likes of psychiatrist Professor Simon Wessely & Co. to 'study' Electrosensitivity, ME, farm organophosphate poisoning and Gulf War syndrome? What connects all 4 conditions. Same/very similar symptoms reported from all four and in Gulf War Syndrome high levels of MND reported. The funding links Wessely has with the Min of Defence, chemical industry, mobile ops. and his business association with the insurance industry will plainly not be a factor..........

Catherine G.
North Fife.


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Essex EHS Study

Looks like the typical industry sponsored roadshow. Firstly ensure most sensitive people will not take part with blowing them away using some pretty strong field during initial testing. Secondly use short exposure and insufficient time to recover so it is hard to tell from which exposure you suffer. Anyway, I'd think I'd have been toxed pretty much before even getting close to the place where the study was done.



Re: Phone mast allergy "in the mind"

Yes, I heard about this and I actually wonder if they are aware that electrosensitivity is officially recognised in several countries like Sweden. The thing is that the quote from someone saying it's all in the mind, why would anyone want to be electrosensitive or sensitive to specifically masts? They obviously wouldn't, and I'm sure that alot of peoples symptoms came first, before they even knew what electrosensitivity was, so this group of people clearly have not read about ES before "deciding" they are sensitive, they just are sensitive for real.



Essex EHS Study: view of one EHS

Hi Sandi

Placebo Rubbish Just to let u know about today - only 3 of us there unfortunately - it was really disappointing I had expected at least a small crowd!

The radio interview was given by Shooli Gaush (I'm sure that's right I mean that that was him - but the spelling - atrocious! ha!) He had some type of digital tape recorder - he asked me a couple of really long questions and by the time he'd got to the end my mind was in a spin and difficult to hang onto the thread of what he was actually asking me. I tried hard to think of George Carlo's points but admit even in the email it was hard to understand with clarity the points he was trying to make. So under the pressure I just said about my symptoms and said that Essex could've used more objective tests like Paolo Rossini in Italy - transcranial magnetic stimulation which found effects in cortex.

Did you catch the 1pm news (I missed that) I heard Radio 4 (5pm) featuring Raz interview and Alasdair, also Elaine Fox.

Oh well back to the drawing board!

There was only myself, Raz and his partner this morning. We had a short radio interview each. Raz I think, came over well on Radio 4 and I think his point that we feel the symptoms before the cause is very valid point despite Elaine Fox trying to turn this into just trying to find something to blame.

It is difficult trying to get people to understand what we feel and know to be true, but there are so many other people who use phones with ear pains and who get irritable by using mobiles yet are still in denial that they are being affected.

We met up with Alasdair Philips and spoke about how we all might move forward after this - Alasdair explained how difficult it is to measure the effects objectively - and indeed, effects of what - dopamine, enzymes, peptides etc. all these could be affected but are also unstable and can be open to changes from other sources as well.

I shall continue through my Doctor...who has lined up a schizophrenic test!!! I shall try to make the best of this and see if I can get any brain measurements done which can include before and after exposure to mobiles.

In my research I have just discovered common feature - SICI (short interval cortical inhibition) found after mobile exposure tests and also always found in ADHD, Epilepsy at site of seizure. Paolo Rossini tests with transcranial magnetic stimulation after mobile exposure - this left the condition of SICI (short interval cortical inhibition). Epileptic report concludes that a change in SICI may reflect a longstanding pre-seizure state. I shall do some more research in this area.


Many who would like to, but cannot, participate in these discussions have been slowly (or even quickly) murdered. Those who remain exist in part to speak for them, and are honored with the opportunity to do so.

Others are dying slowly and unable to approach a computer. Some of us have also had overt attempts on our lives for telling these truths. (I have, several times.) Thankfully, the many years of work by so many has come to the point where policies may soon change and the public consensus achieve some enlightenment.

Susan Clarke

End of message

I did not forget those people, I was talking of the movement to change things in general as not receiving a death blow. Perhaps I explained badly. We are all cogs in the wheel and the wheel has not been halted.

I know what goes on and how many suffer. The sadness and outrage for the ones I knew, or have heard of, lives within me and keeps me going.



Electrical fields as a health hazard in the indoor environment


Medical doctor Von Klitzing tests for electro hyper sensitivity in Germany - see attached.


Please circulate widely.

Let us know if you or anyone you know visits Dr Von Klitzing for tests?

With kind regards

Sarah Dacre MSc ACIB
London, UK http://www.hese-project.org/hese-uk/en/niemr/health.php?content_type=R&list=ehs


RE: Phone mast allergy "in the mind"

Yes, this is the study which has been going on for some years at the University of Essex, which various UK ES people have ground their teeth about periodically while it was being done! In case anyone puts it forward as an anti-ES argument, the following points might be noted.

1. It was held at the University site - so anyone with severe ES who can't travel was unable to attend.

2. Five subjects with severe ES who were unable to complete the tests because of the pain experienced were simply excluded from the results. (this info is second hand but I believe originates from Alasdair Phillips of Powerwatch, I have also heard from a separate source that some people were unable to continue)

3. Exposures were to a given frequency of MW mast signal for a total period of under 1 hour, so that people who were not sensitive to that particular frequency would not register a positive reaction.

4. The researchers were psychologists, not medical - which implies a lot about what they expected to find!

Basically, 1 and 2 excluded the people who might be expected to react most strongly (severely ES), and the exposure time was short enough that moderately ES people might not experience a reaction.

An interesting parallel that I thought of would be this:
1. A study is done on disability. It is held on an upper floor of a building with stairs and no lift. All the people appearing for testing can walk, therefore severe disability does not exist.

2. A study is to be done on allergies. People are collected with various allergies; bee stings, nuts, pollen, solvents, dust mites etc. All are exposed to pollen. Only a few develop hayfever. Therefore, allergies and hayfever do not exist, and for the few people who do display a reaction, it is obviously all in the mind.

3. A study is done on lung cancer. People show no obvious ill effect after 1 hour of smoking cigarettes, therefore there is no link between smoking and cancer.

4. A painting is to be examined to see whether it is a Titian or an expert forgery. The person responsible for devising the test and making the assessment is an amateur photographer.


Small correction; it actually states in the article that 12 people dropped out of the study due to illness, and 44 "sensitives" and 114 controls were tested. Assuming that those who dropped out were sensitive, it means that over 20% (44 out of 56) of the test group were unable to complete the tests. This is a very high proportion, especially if these "illnesses" happened to suddenly manifest themselves on the day, in the test environment..... To then say that only 2 of the remaining 44 could detect the emissions consistently is a rather flawed sample.


Re: Phone mast allergy "in the mind"

Ian, you have made some excellent points, especially the comparisons at the bottom. (I wonder if the Guardian would print it?)

I could not attend because the University was 200 miles from me. As if the long journey via London were not enough, I remember also that the visit would have involved an overnight stay. Obviously the team were unable to recommend any hotels that might be suitable for an ES person to stay in!

There was also an issue over the expenses allowed for participants, they were very low, allowing only really for local people to attend the experiments. (The hotel would have been at my expense).

Furthermore, if a participant had to drop out of the study, which took place over a number of months, then no expenses would be refunded, and the particpant would be left footing the bill.


Essex Study

Barrie Trower has written to John Denham MP - Sec of State for the newly formed Dept of Innovation, Universities & Skills re his concerns over the Essex study.

His letter is enclosed. He hopes that other "experts" and organisations who have the same concerns can do the same.



From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Electrical fields

Health impact of mobile phone masts

A lesson from the study

ES Study..need "objective studies" not psycho opinions


3 more reactions to the Essex study

Another testimony - Brian Stein - an Essex victim

EMF/EMR: close, chronic-prolonged low level exposures

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Studie van Essex Reportage


Essex Study Quotes

We're looking for quotes from the electrosensitive people who took part in the Essex study which can be incorporated into a Press Release for Sunday afternoon and/or for the Mast Sanity website.

We'd like to know your experience of the study, any medical (or other) problems experienced during or after the study as a result of the experiments, your results, if you were excluded from the final data, and your comments on their final publicised verdict of "masts are fine" and "EHS is psychosomatic". And anything else you'd like to say about it, of course.

Please specify if you want to be anonymous e.g. "Volunteer 5" or quoted under your real name.

Please contact us directly via webmaster @mastsanity.org and I will forward on as appropriate for the Press Release.

Thanks in advance,




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