Hidden Dangers for the EHS

A Comment from an EHS Grandmother


Sandra L Lawrence,
Selsey, Chichester

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I work alone to try to raise awareness for those who are electro hypersensitive in the UK, without any financial support or competing interests (unless being EHS is classified as such). I also listen to them because they sometimes have no one else who understands in their family or community. EHS is a very isolating condition because there are lots of places you can't go to, lots of things you can't do and lots of people who don't want to believe that this wonderful technology might have flaws or cause problems for people or animals. It puts great stress on relationships of all kinds and can invoke animosity.

It must be difficult for doctors and other medical staff to understand what these people experience >from these newer technologies and in everyday life, but I have lived with being sensitive to pulsed microwave radiation for four years now, so I do.

I am not medical, technical or scientific. I am simply a compassionate human being who cares about other people who are distressed and in pain with no one to turn to. I also care passionately about animal life and our environment. They have no help either while we "wait for the science"

As this technology is exploding and expanding there are hidden dangers for EHS sufferers. They come as the different technologies mix together and when an EHS sufferer is exposed to two different technologies within a relatively short space of time.

I can give you no scientific or medical information on this because I do not have the training and experience to do so, but I ask you please to keep an open mind about electro hypersensitivity.

You are probably well aware that in research and scientific terms it is impossible to state either way whether or not this technology can cause harm to human and animal life. It may be many years before there is fairly conclusive evidence that will be accepted.

For us, the conclusive "evidence" has already been found.

Since most electro hypersensitive people do not want to be prisoners and outcasts in society, it took most of us a long time to accept that we are, after exploring many different avenues and questioning our own motivation and perspective.

None of the people I know or speak to have any doubt whatsoever and we question some of the science that declares pulsed microwave radiation to be almost safe.

We question those with vested financial interests and think of the asbestos and tobacco fiascos because we KNOW!

We see non-sensitives with the same symptoms we get when we can feel higher power from these technologies. We watch the birds and see them fleeing an area in panic when high power is used for testing or making alterations to a mast.

There is smoke! We are the smoke and the cancer clusters around masts are more smoke.

If you wait for the fire many lives could be lost. That is what we and some truly independent scientists think. We are worried for our children and their future.

Please listen to the electro hypersensitives and try to understand what they are telling you. They have to take care of themselves because non one else is. They are the ones breaking new ground in research and it should be the scientists.

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Sandra L Lawrence,
Chichester PO20 0TE

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We who are EHS badly need doctors and medical staff to take us just a little more seriously, even in the absence of “scientific evidence”. It can crush our spirits to be constantly told “it is all in your head” and to be expected to have to prove that we are not delusional and do not have psychosomatic tendencies. However, when nothing changed for those who did, we smelt a rat and our spirits became more determined!

I thought that if doctors read of some of the experiences EHS sufferers endure, they might be inclined to hesitate just a little if they encounter such people. I can but try for those others who are unable to do what I do.

More Hidden Danger for the EHS

More and different technologies are being added now and pose a potential risk for all living things, but also hidden dangers for the electro hypersensitive can be a minefield. As a general rule we are all most affected by the technology which first sensitised us. Mine is TETRA but it could any of the technologies using pulsed microwave radiation.

NOTE: There may be exceptions to the rule but we just don’t know enough. This is because no one is monitoring the people who are EHS or carrying out meaningful and useful research in the UK into its cause(s) and the reactions and symptoms that sufferers have to deal with without any relevant health authority to advise them.

Just this year I have discovered two areas that can cause more concern for the EHS:

NOTE: I can only explain in detail my own reactions, but the accounts of other electro hypersensitive people who have shared their experiences with me are surprisingly similar when they share the same primary sensitiser i.e. TETRA. I don’t talk to many people who have another technology as their primary sensitiser and some people don’t know which technology sensitised them originally, so is this just a TETRA + other technology off-shoot? Again we do not have enough information/knowledge due to lack of monitoring and research.

1. THE EFFECTS OF MIXING TECHNOLOGIES – ADDING TO THE AGONY Short extracts from my personal log of events since December 2002

TETRA mixing with 2G/3G and the Harmonics of TETRA June/July 06 when the harmonics of TETRA were added.

There is high powered testing going on. The people who are sensitive to TETRA suffer badly and those who are not had flu-like symptoms, headaches, and felt physically and mentally drained. I am having some really bad nights and some awful experiences with pain and discomfort in the daytime. My husband is having sleepless nights or nightmares – which he has never had in his life. He is not EHS. My health may be deteriorating and I am in constant pain and/or discomfort. It is useless to go to a doctor because they are not informed of the effects to people who are sensitive to this technology. I suddenly plunge into deep depressive states, become very apathetic, mentally confused, have memory/concentration lapses. My husband has disturbed sleep; nightmares; memory/concentration lapses; an aggressive and irritable attitude previously never present in his nature. It is hell. Our relationship is under real pressure. When I was still sleeping in the worst affected bedroom I used to have dreadful nightmares or wake up to find I could not move or could not breathe. Some nights I had the feeling that I was plugged into the electricity supply and my body was jerking or rippling with the stuff. They were terrifying experiences. Even though we have moved our beds to the safer spot either side of the middle wall, we still experience nightmares and are awake in the night. I have tingling sensations, sharp chest, head and neck pain and wake up panicking and in terror sometimes. Sometimes one or other side of my body is cramped badly and I have to try to force my body to move mentally as I did in the other bedroom when I couldn’t breathe or move.

The Harmonics of TETRA mixing with 2G


It seems it must have been some sort of testing or realignment as the flat has been tested and the harmonic line of TETRA pulsing at 20.16 Hz reaches a good 5 metres into the living room and the main bedroom. I can’t go into those rooms now. I could before despite 2G emissions at either end of the flat. We have to find another place to live.

TETRA and/ or Harmonics of TETRA mixing with Wi-Fi

06 January 07

I went to town yesterday and really could not handle it. I felt sick and ill and my neck and legs/feet really hurt. My blood circulation slowed badly in my left foot. I also had trouble breathing. January 11th 07 Went to town again on the 9th and I was even worse. I got an electric shock from a police handset (TETRA) when the policeman answered a call. The TETRA handset was 40 to 50 yards away from me. It felt like a bolt of strong electrical current had run through my right foot. It stopped me dead in the middle of the road and I stumbled because my foot wouldn’t work. There was oncoming traffic, but luckily flowing slowly! After a few minutes I had the most awful pains in various parts of my body, which lasted for almost an hour. I was unwell for two days after that. Late January 07 I have had further bad experiences in town to include crossing a known TETRA line by car and getting an electric shock. When we turned the corner there was an ambulance and a paramedic car parked outside of a house.

The Harmonics of TETRA mixing with 2G/Wi-Fi

Late January 07

At home one evening, I also experienced both of my legs/feet becoming numb/red/mauve/white up to the knees where the circulation slows right down when I am within TETRA emissions. Obviously the WiFi makes it worse as usually it is just the left foot or occasionally both.


NOTE: TETRA covers all areas of the UK as the communication system for the emergency services. Wi-Fi is now being used extensively and many town centres/areas will be blanketed by it in the near future. Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the Health Protection Agency, called for a precautionary approach in his 2004 report for the RNPB (Now HPA) because children may be more vulnerable and because a minority of the population that might be susceptible to the biological effects of pulsed microwave radiation. He has stated that TETRA was not in his remit.

Extract from the transcript of the Panorama program 21st May 2007

“KENYON: We asked the government for an interview about all this. It said no and referred us instead to the Health Protection Agency. The Chairman of that is.... hang on a minute - it's Sir William Stewart! The very man who has indicated to Panorama just how uncomfortable he feels about the speed with which wi-fi is being rolled out.

STEWART: I believe that there is a need for a review of the wi-fi and other areas.

KENYON: How important is it to do that swiftly?

STEWART: I think it's timely for it to be done now.”


Short extracts from personal log of events since December 2002

February 07

The bank staff knew of my condition from previous visits so when they said it would take a while I said I would go out and come back. I walked to a safer area and began to recover. My husband had gone to do some shopping for me, as he had for the last month or so, so I went to the car to see if he had returned. He had to move the car for some reason and we got stuck on a TETRA line for a few minutes. It really shook me up. My husband came back to the bank with me and we had only been there for a few moments when I felt I was going to pass out. My husband said I just collapsed and was not breathing until he moved me. I can only remember that I was having trouble breathing. When I began to recover I shook violently and could not talk straight. I was unwell for days and will not go into town anymore.


I used to be able to feel the emission lines of TETRA as pain and so I could always avoid them quickly, but I have lived in an almost emission-free flat for four months now and healing has lessened my sensitivity a great deal. I only feel TETRA now when I have been in the emissions for several minutes and I only know because of the way my head feels and because my left foot hurts and changes colour from red to mauve/white where the blood flow slows down. This condition only occurs when I am within TETRA emissions. I have proved that to myself by trial and error over the last three years. After I had been exposed to TETRA line along a part of the beach I had not visited before, I felt a bit strange but not unwell. I also mixed words up or couldn’t remember what I was going to say a second or two before, but otherwise I was fine. Two hours or so later I went to visit family and my head felt the heaviness of emissions as I entered the house. Some ten to fifteen minutes later I literally exploded verbally when I saw a young girl with a mobile phone in her hand holding it close to her head, her younger brother’s head and a puppy’s head. I am capable of fiery anger to defend people but it is usually controlled until I can use it coolly to fight verbally for others. However when affected by pulsed microwave radiation, there have been times when I have lost control and this was one of them, although I did not realise it at the time. NOTE: Can the increase in violence, verbally and physically, be associated with this ‘lose of control’ phenomena around some of this technology? I DEFEND when angry, some people are prone to ATTACK when angry. About half an hour after this I began to feel quite sick and unwell. My head was swimming and I couldn’t think straight. My chest was very tight and I was having trouble breathing properly and I suddenly remembered my previous attack and tried to call my husband. I couldn’t call him or move to get up, my body was like jelly. I could hear children playing and a child spoke to me but I couldn’t respond. I don’t remember how long I was like that. My husband thinks for between 20 to 30 minutes. When my husband found me I tried several times to ask him to open a window or get me outside because that helped with the last attack (I don’t know why). He could not understand what I was saying as the words were not coming out right. I still could not get up or move, but once the patio door was opened I felt a bit more normal. Suddenly I began to shake and shiver violently all over my body. This lasted probably for about 10 minutes I am told. After that I gradually got back to normal but felt exceedingly drained and still unwell for a further two days or so. I also had concentration and memory loss. I had been healing over the past 4 months and hardly felt the technology. Now I am sensitised again and have to hope to recover again to get a little of my life back.

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