Heat shock effects compared to EMF/EMR exposures


Dear Duane: A review of Holder's information (re dangers of statins) particularly re Co-Q-10, prompted me to do a search on "Ubiquionine and effects of EMR."

This brought up the above webpage which consists of 19 pages of studies that appear to focus on heat shock protein. It has long been argued by worldwide government and industry that EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields/electromagnetic radiation) is not responsible for adverse health effects primarily due to lack of thermal effects.

Item 4 on this list contains abstract for the following cite:

de Pomerai D, Daniells C, David H, Allan J. Duce I, Mutwakil M, Thomas D, Sewell P, Tattersall J, Jones D, Candido P, Non-theremal heat-shock response to microwaves, Nature 405:417-418, 2000.

A portion of abstract reads as follows: ".....Heat shock proteins are induced in most organisms by adverse conditions (such as heat OR toxins) [emphasis added by jcm 5-29-06] that cause damage to cellular proteins, acting as molecular chaperones to rescue damaged proteins........."

This information and many of the other studies listed on the 19-page list, provides details that explain effects of environmental stress whether promoted by a toxic substance such as a statin or toxicity due to EMF/EMR and/or a combination of such exposures (as well as how harm occurs due to other toxic exposures).

Holder questions whether natural loss of Co-Q-10 may be a cause of ageing? Probably so. Likewise natural reductions in Melatonin are also linked to explanations for the "ageing process." Dr. Russell Reiter's book, "Melatonin," explains the vital need to sustain adequate levels of Melatonin.

"No one" told us that our grandsons' rare immune deficiencies were the result of reduced Melatonin levels, reduced Co-Q-10 levels (and more) BUT we do know for certain their blood was sent to an EMF researcher!!! With no help from the Immunologist or the researcher, we discovered the boys were sleeping next to an electric meter. As you know, their overall IGG's rose by 100 points and 204 points respectively within five months after moving their beds!!! The toddlers' immune deficiencies were RARE because they were "AGEING!!!"

You have provided many answers re free radicals and electron interference in your book "Dangers of Statins" and, as you know, I am writing a book "Inflammation and EMF/EMR" with Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson from the Karolinska Instititute which will provide in-depth explanations re heat shock proteins and resultant misfolding/unfolding of proteins due to inflammation as result of toxic, nonionizing radiation exposures (appliances, electric meters, telephone equipment, telecommunications' antennae, mobile phones, high frequencies on electrical wiring, wiring errors/improper grounding and more.....).

Whether low-dose ionizing radiation, nonionizing radiation (EMF/EMR), or medications -- with statins perhaps leading the list of major concern-- and/or combinations of EMF/EMR exposures and some medications, persons' cells are being stressed to point of inducing significant health effects when subjected to chronic, prolonged exposure even at low doses!!!

I will forward separately your newsletter that contains source of Mr. Holder's review of statins re "putting the pieces together......" Thanks and take care!!! Joanne

Reference to Holder's paper re "how pieces fit together" also can be accessed by: http://www.spacedoc.net/r_holder.html

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Heat shock protein basics....note "environmental stress...."


HSP ....re environ stress conditions..."cellular stress"....


Have you seen the video that was produced by Libby Kelly -Energy Fields.org United States Congressional Staff Briefing by Dr Theodore Litovitz? He explains how EMF affects the human body better than most I have seen.

Omega see under: http://www.energyfields.org/film_order.html


Robert Riedlinger

Dear Robert: You sent me the video some time ago re the Litovitz testimony which was excellent. However, I do not recall specifics re "thermal affects" and/or what may have been said regarding heat shock protein.

It is not that many persons haven't explained how and why EMF/EMR and other toxic exposures cause harm, the information I am distributing now regarding the misleading term "heat shock" has more to do with what may help beat down arguments that "thermal effects" must take place before a link to health effects can be made.

I believe that even tho the "thermal effect debate" is based primarily on SAR values, etc., that certainly if what has been debated as to need for actual heat to be involved in order to establish that harm will result, the invaluable information regarding misleading facts surrounding "heat shock protein" will now allow for review of studies, the conclusions of which were more or less set aside and/or minimized. Substituting terms such as "cellular stress" or "environmental stress" in place of "heat shock stress" will shed new light on many studies.

I will review that video as soon as I have a chance. We know that there are many explanations as to why EMF/EMR is causing harm -- actually an extensive list I almost hesitate to mention because there are so many and I don't like to exclude those who should be mentioned in addition to Olle's fine work. Dr. Neil Cherry, Dr. Ross Adey, Dr. Henry Lai, Dr. Sam Milham, Dr. Reba Goodman, Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Denis Henshaw, Dr. Alasdair Philips, Dr. Marjorie Lundquist, Dr. Sian Kwee -- there are just too many experts and non-experts who have contributed much to name right now.......

As you know, we are awating the release of Dr. George Carlo's documentary, "The Boiling Frog Syndrome."

Thanks and take care - Joanne

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Be loyal to your country always, and to the government only when it deserves it. -Mark Twain

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