EMF and Autism

Medical hypothesis - A possible link between mirror neurons, autism and electromagnetic radiation

Possible assoc. between autism and foetal/neo-natal exposure to em fields (Kane) - http://omega.twoday.net/stories/224062/

Firstenberg & Molloy on ES - autism incidence -

Also - http://www.emfbioeffects.org/

from Catherine (via artjar)

Autism Disorders

Lots about autism

I have had one son battle and die from leukaemia, and another who is severely affected with autism. The boys bedroom window had a clear view to Crystal Palace mast which was under 2 miles away. We moved out nearer the 'green fields' for our children and have spent the last 2 years fighting a poxy base station 130metres away.

Excuse me if I sound angry - it's because I am! I'm not technically minded, and protecting, caring for and 'fighting' on behalf of my son takes a huge amount of time (parents of SEN children need to be 'experts' in so many fields). My son attends one of the six National Autistic Society schools, and it turns my stomach to think that Vodaphone are trying to make themselves look good.

It sounds plausible to me that there is possibly a link between the mast, leukaemia and autism. Has anyone any thoughts?



Dear Angie,

You have my sympathy for the loss of a child and admiration for the loving support you are obviously giving to one suffering from autism. When Crystal Palace first sprang into action, illnesses sprouted around it and 2 miles may sound a long way away, but what is far and what is near? It just depends on the "power/strength" of what is reaching you and what effect it is having.

We had three daughters and as you will have read, we lost one to breast cancer which she developed when she was just 28 years old. We are now bringing up her son, our beloved grandchild, Sebastian, so I have first hand knowledge of the way children behaved at school years ago, and the way they appear in class now. In Seb's age group (10), there are so many children that one might say are over-active or even attention deficit syndrome. They are unable to sit still for any length of time and need to be fidgeting (and I mean really really fidgetting or getting up and walking around the class room or running around and constantly fighting, etc. Boys and Girls -Both! (Though the boys are more noisy than the girls!) This may sound normal, but if we go back, say 30 years, the children were very much calmer, less frenzied, or one might even stretch the issue and say " less disturbed". Any mother of today will see an active child and perhaps not think too much of it, but there seems to me to be a considerable difference in children of today and those of say, 30 years ago. WHY? Well, like you, I have no doubt that emissions from masts are highly suspect and am sorry that you moved away only to have to fight another mast so near to you. Sods Law!!

I have been making my own personal study of the way these children behave and one very "hyper" child has tvs, dect phones all over his house, plus the play station in his bedroom, etc. To make matters very much worse, the children spend nearly 2 hours every afternoon on their sports pitch, which is being blasted by at least 3 masts approximately 500 meters away, and the lurking Tetra (which b......s up door locks and sets off alarms). My Acom goes completely beserk on the pitch and there is no doubt at all in my mind of the effect that it is having. Anyone know of a good school where there is NO WIFI AND NO MASTS NEAR AND THE ACOMS ARE SO QUIET THAT YOU THINK THAT THEY DON'T WORK?? If so please e-mail me immediately, so we can re-think schools.

The Hutchison mast which blasts into our house set my Acom buzzing on Seb's pillow and where his tummy would be. He was rushed into hospital last year to have his appendix out! His neck/head appears to be having problems too. If you haven't got something like an Acom, it would be helpful for you, because then you can determine where radiation is coming into the house, etc. His school reports have been lousy and the inability to concentrate were causing great concern, and it wasn't funny being hauled in front of the headmaster - and that was David and I!! Since we blocked out a lot of the emissions with Alisdair's paint, and changed just the glass in our windows facing the mast for the European standard Anglian one, the Acom hisses, but doesn't shriek and Seb's ability to be calmer and to work and to do very much better in all his subjects has been rewarding (and amazing.) Yes, there are other factions that can cause illnesses and emotional stress and it's good to have other people's views and help. However, if you can protect your house against this radiation it just might make some difference - I don't know, but just wish you all the best.

Kind regards,

Vivienne B.

Would also like to add my thoughts to your discussion. I totally agree with your sentiments about hyper active children and your comparisons with children of 30 years ago. I think it should also be mentioned that, in addition to the bombardment of our children with EMR, the introduction of food additives has also had a huge detrimental affect on the behaviour of children. I have an 8 year old daughter. We are not what you would call affluent. I never have and never will own a mobile phone. Instead of the latest car/dvd/tv/computer/play station/game etc, I spend my money on healthy food and always (where possible) buy organic. The difference between my daughter's behaviour and that of her friends is remarkable. She is very calm and level headed and I often watch her face when her friends burst into tears/throw a tantrum for no reason and her look of astonishment is quite funny. I find it amazing how parents force feed their children the utter rubbish that passes for food these days. I often ask the parents of my daughters friends why they give their children diet coke when it contains the poison aspartame. They look at me as if I am mad and say "what is aspartame". Of course when my daughter has tea at her friends house she eats the same rubbish as they do. When she comes home after drinking diet coke she is a different person. Totally hyper and obnoxious.

Unfortunately my daughter has developed a stomach (indigestion) problem. We live near 3 masts and the ACOM reading in our house is horrendous. I think it is a leaky gut type problem. Fortunately I have at long last managed to sell my house and will be moving away from the masts shortly. I only hope the damage inflicted on my family has not been too bad.

John Elliott

To Vivienne, Sarah P, Andy, John and everyone (excerpt)

Many thanks for your replies (sorry for delay - half-term and everyone wants a go on the computer!). I have been reading the posts and thank you for your thoughts and help. It's dreadful that we have to protect ourselves to such an extent, or watch people we love suffer - your post, Vivienne, touched me and it's so unfair - no-one should outlive their children. I am heartened, though, that we are like-minded people, and are all doing the best we can.

Briefly on the Crystal Palace 'theory' - it seems very coincidental that my son, and the boy who used to stay with his Grandad next door, both developed leukaemia at roughly the same time. I did some research at the time and found references to the 'Churchfields cancer cluster', and I talked to two employees of CP about the number of dead birds around the mast. I don't know if the exposure from CP weakened my children's immune systems, leaving them open to other influences - it's possible (but I would imagine not prove-able). In my younger son's case, I believe he didn't tolerate the MMR vaccine, which did extensive damage to his body and brain - although it is not my intention to open a debate up about this! My point is, I suppose, that different people react to different inputs, and sometimes they overlap, but until these 'inputs' are proved to be safe, they should not be forced upon a (mostly) unsuspecting public.

At the moment, I am worried that the new technology (QS4) will be used everywhere. Technology-phobe that I am, I'm assuming that existing masts could be replaced with the 'shared' ones, and obviously the operators wouldn't inform anyone (although I'd imagine we'd know because our A-Com's would be going mad!). Could this be a real possibility for the near future? Also, any experiences that anyone wants to share regarding BT exchanges, I would be very interested to hear - we've stalled the operators here and 'only' have three O2 masts at the moment, but the other operators are circling like vultures.

Many thanks again for the time and trouble you've all taken.

Best wishes.


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China Has More Than 100,000 Autistic Children

The biological effects of man-made electromagnetic fields with respect to humans and the environment




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