Wi-Fi in Manchester

I have sent this e-mail to the BBC after watching this mornings report on WIFI in Manchester. Very supportive of the Operators - nothing at all to "balance" the report - as they are told to do when reporting anything detrimental to the Industry.


Concerning: WIFI
From: SylviaWright
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 04:30:14 EDT
To: breakfast.tv@bbc.co.uk

Your report on this mornings Breakfast show re WIFI in Manchester -and the plans for this to spread to other Cities in the near future - was very "exciting", unless you happen to be one of the unfortunate group of electrosensitive people, reconised by the Health Protection Agency in November 2005. The conservative estimate is 3-5% (of the population of Manchester?) - you can work out how many people that could possibly affect.

I believe that it would be in order for you to now compile a similar report on the down side of this technology. After all, when reporting on one of the thousands of scientific studies which show a risk to health from these microwave emissions, isn't it the case that you "balance" that report with a contradictory one claiming "however, this could still be down to chance" or "Joe Bloggs report published last month shows no conclusive evidence of risk".

What is happening today with mobile phones is almost identical to the tobacco industry's wooing of, say, 40 years ago - where cigarette advertising and sponsorship was King. Of course, the effects on health was carefully glossed over by the Industry and, to a large extent by Government - (sleaze is alive and well and living in Westminster - look at today's headlines).

However, the problem we now have with mobile telecommunications is potentially far more damaging. By the very nature of information technology - media have embraced this and, therefore, are in a very tricky situation when it comes to reporting that the Goosie's golden egg may very well be about to explode!

I would like to think that we are learning from past mistakes and can recognise a need for honesty and truth. And I would also like to think that the BBC can lead the way? There are many scientific experts out there who can assist in compiling such a report and, portrayed in an honest way, can help to make sure that your viewers are in possession of all of the facts.


Cllr Sylvia Wright


Health risks of Wi-Fi and WLAN on our health


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