Lack of nesting seagulls

Following Andy's message a couple of days ago where he mentions the disappearance of nesting seagulls on his roof, I have become aware of the lack of nesting seagulls in Brighton this year. Central Brighton is usually teaming with seagulls, particularly in the spring, when newborn seagulls nesting in many chimneys are being cared for. There is usually unending noise throughout the night - now there is a complete silence......

If this is happening in other coastal towns where tetra masts have been erected, then this ought to be quite easy to establish.


Firstly we had the disappearing sparrows, now we have the question regarding the diminishing population of seagulls.

Some time ago, I endeavoured to make contact with the RSPB regarding the possibility of a link between fewer birds and microwave radiation from mobile phone technology. I was surprised that, in spite of two attempts, I got no acknowledgement from the RSPB. I subsequently discovered that the main sponsors of the RSPB is in fact VODAFONE. Could this be the reason for their lack of response. Since then they have conducted various trials to try to ascertain the reason, or reasons, for the drop in the bird population, including the request for people to count the number of bugs on their car number plates to determine if the food chain has been changed, but none of their attempts at finding a solution included the possibility that mobile phones could be one of the reasons. Anyway, it could be that the microwave radiation is killing the bugs too. So that is a double whammy for the birds.

Dennis Cannon

Perhaps someone needs to talk to the RSPB and point out their link with Vodafone and conflict of interests?!


RF/MW mast radiation has been known to affect bird navigation and flocking behaviour since 1924, when the first transatlantic transmitters were installed at Valencia, Spain. The birds there broke up their previously co-ordinated wheeling flocks as soon as the transmitters were switched on each day. Ulrich Warnke published a paper in 1989 proposing that these flocks relay on electric fields induced by wing movements which charge the birds. As for the sparrow disappearances, there are many possible causes: but one cannot rule out disruption of nesting behaviour and chick embryo abnormalities (see the Henhouse project of the 1980s), especially since the harmonics of the base resonant frequency (related to 900 and 1800MHz wavelengths) matches the house sparrows normal egg diameter. The RSPB doesnt seem to want to know about it, sadly.

Roger Coghill MA (Cantab) C Biol MI Biol MA (Environ Mgt)

As a wife of a birdwatcher it might be worth pointing out here that the org that attempted to publicise the link between sparrows starlings and masts a few years ago was the british ornithology trust .. they and the rspb arnt bosom buddies though both are respected.. it may be worth while getting on to them about this issue instead http://www.bto.org/



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Micro Waves Effects on Wildlife Animals


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