First exposure of WIMAX dangers

A Swedish TV programme exposed yesterday the dangers of WIMAX technology, Mona Nilsson, author of a swedish book about the dangers of the cellular technology, reports:

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You have to click on this (see above) Wimax seem to be very dangerous. On the same day themunicipality of Götene in Sweden started sending several persons got acute life threatening symptoms: difficulties to breathe, heart arrythmia etc. At least 5 persons had to leave their homes. Two of them are in the reportage. I was in the debate and told the public that we are in the middle of the worst enviromental and health catastrophe in history, that our authority is lying (I gave example of this) and that the experts are not representative and are to a majority members of ICNIRP. That the experts that are in majority in Sweden and who are critical are not allowed to participate in reviews in this issue. I had planned to urge for a Catastrophe commission on this issue, but was not allowed to say all I had planned, because of too limited time.

MR Hans Wiksell from Karolinska Institute (he pays himself for his professorship - he is a civiliengineer who speculates on the stock exchange and owns a lot of telecom-stocks, he has also compared the radiation with raspberry juice in a broschure from the industry on the issue) told the public that his opinion is that there are no non-termal effects..... Mr Mjönes from SSI told that there are no studies showing any effects like those that people are experiencing. Olle Johansson talked about the handicapped-perspective of this issue.

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Swedes hit hard by WiMAX waves

Health risks of Wi-Fi and WLAN on our health


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