Electromagnetic Field Radiation causes cancer in workplace

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Dear Editor:

The journalism by Margaret Wente needs to be delved into a little further in my opinion.

I am a breast cancer survivor who refuses to be a victim, I choose to be an activist.

I never asked "why me" because I know the answer to that question. I, along with eight of my co-workers were all diagnosed with cancer within months of each other. My workplace was the cause of my cancer. I too was called a fear monger for trying to inform my co-workers of the hazard lurking within our workplace. You can't taste it, smell it, see it or eliminate it but you sure as hell could avoid it if you knew it was there.

What do you do when your employer owns TV and newspapers across the country? Do you think they print our side of the story as we see it? You can bet our case was as unbalanced as journalism can get.

Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I did not know anyone with cancer of any kind. Within months I knew nine people and they all coincidentally worked on the same floor of a seven story office building as I did. This had nothing to do with age. These women were in the early thirties and forties if you consider that old age.

Who ever told you it's the dose and not the chemical that counts? One speck of asbestos breathed into your lungs can cause cancer. Your father, working in an asbestos factory, brought this carcinogen home on his clothes.

For your information "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE EXPOSURE to any carcinogen" and "NO PROOF DOES NOT EQUATE TO NO HARM".

The Canadian Cancer Society should be ashamed of themselves for letting someone so uninformed answer or should I say not answer Wendy's questions. A person speaking for the CCS should know about all cancer causes and all cancers and not pretend to be unaware of what carcinogens are sitting on the shelves of all stores to be sold to an unknowing public.

PREVENTION IS THE CURE FOR CANCER and the sooner we learn that fact, the better off we'll all be.

Lorna Wilson

Hi All

Please also read the attached story about Lorna.


If you are surprised, shocked or outraged about her situation, take the time to contact the Government of Ontario to find out what they have done in the last ten years to help her, and make the citizens of Ontario safer from the dangers of electro magnetic radiation. Then decide if Ontario politicians are being stupid, or negligent when the lives of our citizens are concerned? Afterwards you could contact Bell Canada and ask how many of their employees have to develop cancer or die, before they admit that electro magnetic radiation is dangerous and harmful.

Martin Weatherall


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