People's Will letter to the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson


Letter from Donald Forsberg/Peoples Will to the Prime Mininster of Sweden

To the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson
The Government Office
Friday May 12 2006

Warning about imminent danger for the Swedish population

Swedish Television tells a story today about a cluster of seven brain tumors in a building in Melbourne, Australia. The cancer cases are feared, on solid reasons, to have a connection with a mobile telephony transmitter on the roof of the building.

People’s Will, which runs for the Swedish National Elections 2006 on the premise of the acute threat to people’s health and the environment caused by the rapid increase in wireless telecommunication systems, are aware of several other cancer cluster cases where mobile transmitters are suspected to be the cause of the serious diseases and where the transmitters have been consequently shut off:

- The school Quintana in Valladolid, Spain, where four children got cancer within one year

- St Cyr l’Ecole in Paris, where an abnormal number of children have contracted brain cancer

- Ruitz in France, where two small children contracted brain cancer in a very short time period

People’s Will wants to remind the Prime Minister that two independent studies now show that people living close to mobile phone antennas are 3-4 times more likely to contract cancer than the rest of the population. We also want to remind the Prime Minister that several studies show that people living close to mobile phone antennas are at a greater risk to contract the condition known as the microwave syndrome, with symptoms such as sleep disorders, headache, dizziness, heart-vessel symptoms etc. We stress that there are no studies that disprove the results of the previously mentioned studies. We would also like to remind the Prime Minister that a large number of people in Sweden are hopelessly testifying on the health problems caused by wireless communication radiation. They constitute an already serious warning signal, especially since no studies have been able to disprove their testimonies.

People’s Will also wants to remind the Prime Minister that several studies now confirm the increased risk of brain tumors from mobile phone use, both a larger risk for acoustic neuroma and malign brain tumor. We are also deeply concerned that the risk is greater for the youngest part of the population, according to the latest study by professor Lennart Hardell.

Our wish is that all of these obvious signs of an imminent danger for the entire Swedish population would not be real. However, everything indicates that it is a highly real and imminent danger. An increasing number of scientists and doctors have been tolling the warning bells increasingly louder during recent years, only to be ignored by the authorities. The most ignorant responses have been given by the Swedish authorities and the Swedish government, who give uneducated and foolish answers to anyone who testifies about health problems or who have conveyed their deepest concerns. Responsible Swedish authorities (The Swedish Radiation Protection Agency and The National Board of Health and Welfare) are lying and misleading about the serious research findings. The scientific experts of The Swedish Radiation Protection Agency are disqualified at a majority and not representative of the scientific community. They also do not present an account that can underlie an appraisal on the basis of Swedish environmental legislation.

- We demand that you immediately meet and listen to competent and critical scientists who constitute the majority of the scientific community in Sweden and who have not been previously allowed to participate in expert investigations in this matter. Their names are: Professor Bertil Persson, Lund, Professor Leif Salford, Lund, Professor Lennart Hardell, Örebro, Associate Professor Igor Belyaev, Stockholm, Associate Professor Olle Johansson, Stockholm.

- We demand an immediate reduction of the public safety limit for permissible radiation from microwave based communication technology so that it protects against effects of chronic exposure 24 hours a day. It must therefore initially be reduced to 1 microW/m², which is the level recommended by the Salzburg Health Department, in Austria. The current safety limit set by the Swedish Radiation Protection Agency only protects against acute effects and does not protect against the long term effects that the entire Swedish population is being heavily exposed to and to an ever increasing extent.

We demand that you read this so that you cannot, as with earlier catastrophes, claim in the future that you did not obtain any information. We fear a forthcoming tsunami in human suffering and illnesses, caused by unacceptable levels of microwaves in society, as a direct consequence of your administration’s politics. The recent quake in Melbourne should be taken very seriously.

Measures must be taken immediately. The increasing radiation may pose catastrophic consequences for Sweden. This is about the future for the Swedish children. You are highly responsible for this matter.

I demand a confirmation that you have read this letter.

Donald Forsberg
Chairman People’s Will
Telephone: 0498-22 18 22
Skriven av Erik D, layor den 05/12/06


Informant: Mona Nilsson



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