Cell Phone EMF Damage to Blood-Brain Barrier & DNA; Increased Cancer

We continually hear from the cell phone industry that cell phones are safe and yet many others state that they are not. There is one person who can truly be considered an expert on the subject because he headed a massive investigation on behalf of the cell phone industry, Dr. George Carlo. He was the Chief Scientist of the Worlds Largest Research Effort into Wireless Safety. He uncovered reasons to believe that serious medical harm was being caused by cell phones. This information is still being hidden by the cell phone industry.

Please listen to this interview and consider reading his (and Martin Schram's) book - Cell Phones, Invisible Hazards of the Wireless Age.


Martin Weatherall

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Mary was checking the net for Protection from EMF and found the following website with the attached archive to a 2006 Radio Program by Dr. George Carlo, a scientist who headed the $28.5 million research program funded by the cell phone industry: http://www.emf-health.com/biopronews-drcarlo-interview.htm
Dr. Carlo appeared on 20/20, 60 Minutes, etc. and is scheduled to have a July 2006 documentary film of his work released to major theaters. He also published a book in 2001. His continued work will be toward repairing damages and to protect citizens as much as possible.

Hope you'll take time to listen to the whole program, or hear it in parts. It explains a lot about the "Information Blackout" on EMF Health Problems. The epidemic has already begun with Broadband as well as Cell Phones -- our environment is truly being contaminated.

Here's another case where promotion for profit was ahead of the health of citizens.

Don Hillman,
Ph.D. Professor Emeritus,
Michigan State University


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