Wildlife Vanished at Ouruhia

Thank you for the continuing fund of information you send to me weekly. I am sending this to you regarding the bees affected at and near my farm and am wondering if you know of a scientist who can undertake research bees exposed to MW in their hives to see if they develop diseases such as those reported in UK.??? My interest is that Dr Cherry's archives have research showing increased bacteria, fungii and micro-organism when exposed to RF/MW. We are now observiing increased fungii and lichen on trees in the areas the FM is focused through from the radio tower next to my farm. At my farm the beam is very narrow and strong as close to the tower and the affected trees are in very narrow bands -which are also incidently areas where other radio stations receptions are interfered with and cell phones will not work as well as the areas where my animals became sick and some died. Further out in the same beam lines the trees are affected over a wider area and miles from the transmitter the area affected is even larger. We have photographed the lichen and observed that some trees are nearly dead from it and when the angles seem to be lifted very slightly of the antenna the trees begin new healthy growth and there is no lichen on the new growth - further on the trees which now seem have the FM energy focused on them due to the small change in angles begin to wither and grow the lichen/fungii. I will send you a few photos of this effect which show that the FM energy seems to cause changes to trees and increased fungii/bacteria. I am told by biologists that lichen in our country should be on the south facing side of the trees - we are finding it is on the side facing to the tower and if the tower is on the south side of the tree the lichen is on the north side if the tree is on the north side the lichen is south. Not all trees are affected by this fungii - normally not evergreens but many of them show signs of browning and death on their needles which I am told would act as receiving antenna. The levels are exposure monitored are always within the ICNIRP guideline of safe exposure. In our city it is reported recently increased unusual new bacterial diseases and fungii such as athletes foot infections. I do not have the email source of the info you have sent me and wondered if you could send this on to the newspaper concerned to see if we can get some scientific study started???

Best wishes

Penny Hargreaves

Wildlife Vanished at Ouruhia

Worms, bees, trees, birds, rabbits, frogs, affected by the RF

Since Penny moved to Ouruhia in 1992 she has not seen any earthworms. Logs of wood that have been lying in a damp area for four years without being moved and usually there would be wood lice and worms under these damp logs. Friends looked several times and could only locate one earwig.

When the Hargreaves first moved to the property there were mice, rats and hundreds of birds but by 1996 they only saw very few. 1997 would find a few dead mice and birds in the stables which face direct line to the aerial.

When they moved in 1996 a few bags with oats and feed in the bottom were left in open sheds. When they returned in August 2000 no mice or rats had been there, which is most unusual. No sign of rats or mice when moving hay and straw in the barn. No droppings to show rodents had been there during the last 4 years.

In 1992 there were many bee keepers with hives along the river as they like the willow honey. Now there are none. Penny had not seen a bee all year except for one day in late 1995 when two angry swarms of bees flew in. The woman renting Walnut Tree farm house summer 2001, commented on the lack of bees and wasps, she was surprised because of the rotting peaches usually attracting wasps.

People who have lived in the Marshlands Rd area all their lives comment how the frogs have all gone in the last few years.

At Ouruhia the trees have been dying where the main beams are directed to. They seem to be most vulnerable if they have their roots in water or are close to the river. Penny has noticed this effect near some cell phone towers also.

1992 there were many rabbits. In 1995 the Hargreaves experienced an influx of rabbits around the stable area and they dug burrows under the iron barns and no longer were found in the paddocks. This was unusual for rabbits to move so close to the humans as the dogs chased them and dug out the burrows. We now know that the corrugated iron barns reflect the EMR beams which would have meant shelter inside the sheds for the rabbits after the second FM increased their exposure. By 1996 all the rabbits had vanished and no poison was used.

There are advertisements for small machines conducting MW which are used in barns to eradicate bugs and vermin. It was as if Walnut Tree farm had a giant EMR machine eradicating all the wild life. In late 2001 the tenants told her they had influx of rats and were surprised when she was pleased. The return of vermin meant the EMR effect on the farm was much less. In the German cow study the cows avoided the areas of high EMR.

In 1997, 1998, men making hay commented on the lack of wildlife on the farm.

Penny saw hundreds of birds when thye first moved in 1992. By 1996 there were only a few. The pukehoe seems to be able to cope with the RF , as does the fan-tail which stays under the trees around the house, but the hundreds of chaffinches , hammerheads and other birds vanished in 1995/96/97

Since mid 2001 the wildlife seem to be slowly returning. What is different? Two FM have been removed from Ouruhia and one FM and 2 AM from Philpotts Rd tower 5 kilometres .

This information sent to Penny Hargreaves by a bee keeper living approximately 1 kilometre from the Ouruhia tower where the licences show an FM beam is directed.

"As a registered bee keeper I have been having problems with bees dying outside the hive entrances for no reason I can come up with. I am talking hundreds of bees. As I am trying to specialise in Queen raring I have to have a lot of smaller hives. I have had major problems keeping them alive and building up their strength. With the problems I have had in this area I had to move most of these hives away from home. This has enabled me to carry on my Queen raring but the travelling takes more time and adds to my costs. With the help of my father (who was previously working for a major beekeeping firm for over 30 years as beekeeper) we have not discovered the reason why the bees are dying."

The bee keeper and his children had also become sick with symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome at a similar time in 1996/97.

Bees Commit Social suicide

Page 133. A study from Germany (Wellenstein 1973) which showed that bees, when subjected to ELF electromagnetic fields stopped making honey, sealed up their hives in mid season and therefore committed social suicide was accepted by bee keeping associations throughout Europe within a few years. And indeed it was quoted authoritatively by a local inspector to a Fishpond villager whose bees had become so savage and unproductive that they had to be moved 20 miles away – where they thrived once more His findings and subsequent related work by Dr Cyril Smith (Smith and Baker 1982) seem relevant to the earlier and more generally accepted studies on bees and homing pigeons, both of which are known to have receptors which are able to sense the Earth’s magnetic field and its variations, which they use to help direct their survival behaviour.

EMR Affects Birds and Worms

Again, in the early 1980s HV power lines near bird sanctuaries and pigeon breeding communities in Gloucestershire were buried underground because of their acknowledged disorientating effects. A US Navy ELF communication project which had to be abandoned because the electromagnetic fields produced by the wires buried underground radically disturbed the earth worms and therefore the composition of the soil. This of course sounds laughable at first, but …like this study, much of the earliest accepted evidence came from studies on bees and birds rather than humans. It remains one of the mysteries of bureaucratic arcane – or economics - that such effects on humans are still not officially accepted, at least in Britain.

Hilary Bacon in Crosscurrents (Fishpond) “comments on the bees shutting up their hives under the power lines. She also comments on a U.S. ELF communications project which had to be abandoned because the electromagnetic fields produced by the underground wiring radically disturbed the worms and therefore the composition of the soil.”

Dead Birds

A neighbour Mr Slatick’s, submission to the hearing, 1997,

“Over the last year, bird life in the area has been devastated. I feel this is caused by the broadcasting, frequencies/ intensities, from the radio tower. The area used to be abundant with all types of bird life. Now, few normally seen species can be found, and then only in minimal numbers. Dead birds and dying birds have been found over my property and my neighbours adjoining property. I have been told that effects on bird life is similar on the other side of the river. I spoke with a Professor of Physics on this and he said, “yes, this can happen if enough power is put out.”

This neighbour also stated “I experience constant ringing in my ears while I am at my home and it fluctuates from steady to low and sometimes a very high pitch. Recently there was a very high pitch which bordered on stunning, at exactly the time I experienced this, the horses in the field opposite squealed loudly as if in pain.”

This neighbour experienced problems with his radio and TV. Sometimes in the middle of the night the TV would turn itself on and radio from the tower would transmit through it.

Although his house is close to the aerial (approx 400 metres) he and his wife have not experienced severe illness. There are many trees and the river between them and the tower. These seem to absorb the power. We have found where there are trees between the houses and the tower, people are healthier than those whose houses are in open spaces, or trees behind the houses. The nearest house to the aerial is approx 250 metres but because of abundant tree growth on the river banks between, the residents cannot see the tower. Their children have experienced bad boils but otherwise healthy.

A hundred metres further out witout the tree protection, a woman taught riding, spending many hours in the open field in line-of-sight to the aerial, and in 1993 she died of ovarian cancer, aged only 33 years.

Ostrich chicks bred within 1400 metres for the aerial did not grow feathers and died.


Wellenstein, G. “The influence of high tension lines on honey bee colonies”, Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Entomoligie, 74, 86-94, 1973.

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