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Principality of Lockyer & Capricornia
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Australia 43 11
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25'l' February 2004.

This press release is to inform the peoples of the world how we are being deceived by the so-called "democratic governments' around the world. Here in Australia, my husband and myself have just been told "unofficially", to stop carrying on the way you do, saying we don't have authority, all the police know about you, and we'll just arrest you anytime we want.

What these police officers, [actually armed military forces or standing armies] don't want to hear is that they are being used to suppress their fellow humans, by people who have set themselves up as PRIVATE CORPORATIONS under the guise of 'democratic government', whose only intention is the accumulation of wealth & power for themselves, through the ruling of the people under a false "rule of law".

Because my husband and myself continue to inform our fellow people, along with the thousands who have already learnt the truth about how these self-imposed CORPORATES are using an INVALID & ILLEGAL DOCUMENT of the now defunct United Kingdom of Great Britain &) Ireland and the dominions thereto belonging, to state they possess the power, authority and jurisdiction to rule over the peoples of the Continent known as Australia, these self-imposed PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, because they have bankrupted the country and gone into receivership and who now operate at the insistence of the administrators, want to silence us and make us POLITICAL PRISONERS.

Arrest us, not in an open manner by stating they are arresting us as political opponents, but by using law they make up as they go, knowing full well "their courts" will support them in their endeavors to hold onto the reins, as the 'courts' themselves, along with every other created "government body" is now a PRIVATE CORPORATION, and also fighting for its own corrupt survival.

We, the peoples of the world, have been conjured by the facade these CORPORATES have placed upon themselves, "to make laws for the peace, welfare and good government of the people", and now that there are people throughout the world who are prepared to inform others how we have gone from a system of governance of the people by the people, to a system of PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, these self-imposed CORPORATES are NOT HAPPY, that we, mere slaves, know what they are trying to do with our Inherent Sovereign rights, liberties, freedoms and properties. That is, take ownership of everything, including our persons,

Yours in Truth.

Kathryn Friend

Principality of Lockyer and CapriCOrnia
20-24 Topaz Crescent
Lockyer watere 4311

February 25th, 2004


Beware - Concerned Australians

At 12.30pm February 24, 2004, I Suffered the misfortune of finding two (2) persons wearing light & dark blue uniforms Invading my independent, Sovereign Principality of Lockyer and Capricornia; which has activated upon it, at the insistence of very senior officials within the various branches of The United Nations, Article 51 of The United Nations Charter 1945. Article 51 deals with the "right of self-defence, both individually, & collectively, against Invasion, attack, or aggression, under the terms of WAR - as defined in the Geneva Conventions.

The entry point of my territories, & properties, is clearly marked with an EXCLUSION NOTICE, which states that admission IS by invitation ONLY, thus negating any "right of entry"; or any "unilateral pre-emptive strike, or armed invasion (pre-meditated murder). Also referenced on the Exclusion Notice are 2 High Court of Australia leading cases on TRESPASS:a) Plenty v Dillon (1991) 171 CLR 635 FC 91/004; and b) Adrian Robert Halliday v Stewart Weville & another (1984) 155 CLR 1.

The two (2) uniformed invaders, or trespassers, claimed they were Laidley Police officers David Duncan & Aimee Sherwood", although neither (as usual) had ANY written authority to substantiate that claim, as is required by the Law of the Land & international Law. That is, they had NO Writ of Commission, or Writ of Warrant, given under the Royal Sign manual (signature) and Royal Signet (Signet Ring Seal) and The Great Seal of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and dominions thereto belonging; as is required under The Letters Patent and Order in Council of 1859, which established the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and dominions thereto belonging Colony of Queensland. The actions of Duncan and Sherwood were criminal and they showed criminal intent.

Aimee Sherwood claimed she wanted to speak with my wife, who was not available. Upon being told that they were in The Independent Sovereign territory of the Principality of Lockyer and Capricornia, without Freedom of Passage documents, and were also in breach of Universal Law trespass, Duncan walked some 30 metres thrusting his finger toward my chest saying quote:-

"We read your sh-tty sign on your post out the front and we're ALL sick & tired of the way you carry on the way you do, saying we don't have any power or authority. All the police everywhere know about you and what you are saying to everyone, you won't get away with it, we ALL just arrest you anytime we want. Anyhow you should know that under common law, police, or anyone else, can come to your front door at anytime and knock on the door (WRONG - only to seek permission to enter the property, if you refuse they must leave or trespass occurs; however all this is abrogated by the EXCLUSION NOTICE of course). Anyhow, you only talk rubbish; that's why you live out here in the BOONIES with all the other DEAD-SH-TS.

Then Duncan made the most Incredible claim quote:

I still remember when you tried to run me over in Gehrke Road last year when 1 was doing breath-testing". Why is this so incredible I hear you ask? Well, on the previous Wednesday 18th February, 2004 in Toowoomba, the Chief Stipendiary Magistrate of Queensland, Marshall Irwin committed to trial a young women. Christina Delahunty who became an innocent victim of the Inquisitional.

27/02/04 15:16
Queensland Police ABN 29 409 225 509 OPERATION VAPULATE (meaning to flog, whip or thresh), which effectively closed Toowoomba by road for 2 days - contrary to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966, which states at Article 12 quote:-

"Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that territory, have the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence." Marshall Irwin found himself sitting on the case because three (3) other Stipendiary Magistrates had been removed from the case, but he stated several times that police whenever entering a roadway have a "duty of care to themselves. fellow officers, the public and motorists to always do so In a safe manner (that is what the Police operations Manual states also), when police change their minds and suddenly rush out after vehicles they themselves are acting dangerously and are placing themselves and all the above in danger".

However, after two (2) days CSM Irwin allowed police to collude, change statements, answers, evidence, exhibits Including three (3) different lots of completely different photos, finally settling for some taken six months after the event in fact after most of the evidence was already heard (just to give a more accurate picture of the lies they had agreed to "go with"), yes and not have Miss Delahunty give any evidence or call any witnesses. Chief Stipendiary Magistrate Marshall Irwin to go along with what the police finally decided they wanted, that being that if a policeman feels that he might like to claim that he perhaps could have been scared. or frightened, then the courts, or magistrates, will do ALL they can to help him out ; and ALL his fellow officers can lie, and perjure themselves as much as they like (read completely unlimited) and if it gets before a judge, the judge WILL direct any jury to come down In favour of the scared little policeman". Even refuse to accept the jury's decision, dismiss the jury and make the opposite judgement as In Cairns Port Authority v Merrin 1998; overturned on appeal to the Supreme Court - Court of Appeal.

So beware, if any person working as a paid mercenary for the private CORPORATION Queensland Police Service ABN 29 409 225 509 thinks they might not like you, and they dream that you might have scared, or frightened, them in any way whilst either stopped, stationary, driving past, toward or away; or even somewhere else altogether, you are GONE for dangerous driving, endangering life, attempted murder etc; plus the old reliable OBSTRUCT - full title: Assault, or obstruct, police in the performance of their duty - what duty? they have NO authority, they are illegal. Make sure you abrogate any "CONTRACT" they may believe they have with you.

Article 11. of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 states quote:-

No one shall be imprisoned merely on the ground of inability to fulfill a contractual obligation.

Corporations do not have ANY authority they can only be contracting parties, therefor anything they do must be done by CONSENT, otherwise their actions are ARBITRARY.

Article 17 of the ICCPR 1966 states quote:-

"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honour and reputation.

Article 18 of the ICCPR 1966 states quote:-

"Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience & religion.

Article 19 of the ICCm 1966 states quote:

"Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference."

Has David Duncan threatened to make me a Political Prisoner???

Yours in Truth Gary Friend 0754 65 8566


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