Oxidative DNA damage in rats exposed to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields


Informant: Dorothee Krien



Exposure to 1800 MHz radiofrequency radiation induces oxidative damage to mitochondrial DNA




How heat, sitting, and electromagnetic waves impact fertility

Hot Seats, Laptops, Cell Phones and Sperm

By Harvey B. Simon, M.D., Harvard Health Publications

Every man who has put on an athletic supporter must have wondered why his "family jewels" are suspended in such a vulnerable position. Why hasn't nature tucked the testicles into the protective confines of the pelvis like their female counterparts, the ovaries?

The simple reason is temperature. Low temperature is essential for sperm production. But modern conveniences may warm things up or have other unintended effects on testicular function. Here's some interesting research that gives global warming a new meaning.



'I got tumour from phone use' says Wigan man

HEALTH FEARS: Neil Whitfield is campaigning for parents to ensure their children are not heavy users of mobile phones

There is no way my younger children will have a mobile phone. A child's skull is thinner than ours. Phone radiation heats up the blood vessels in the membrane around the brain and damages them."

Neil Whitfield

Published Date:

03 November 2009

By Natalie Walker

A Wigan man is campaigning for parents and schools to be aware of the dangers of wi-fi after developing a near-fatal brain tumour.

Neil Whitfield, 52, of Bakewell Drive, Beech Hill, is working with Wired Child, an organisation to protect children from wireless technology, to ensure mobile phone and wi-fi safety for children.

The father-of-six developed a near-fatal acoustic neuroma – a non-cancerous brain tumour growing on the acoustic nerve – in 2001 and, along with his consultant, he believes it was a direct consequence of years of heavy mobile phone use.

He had the tumour removed and suffered facial paralysis for several months and has lost hearing in one ear.

He is now campaigning for parents to ensure their children are not heavily exposed to mobile radiation, including phones and wi-fi equipment.


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The Medicated Child

The attached video from Frontline underscores not only the need to be very careful with medications, vaccines and other interventions for our children, but also offers one more example of how exposures that lead to oxidative stress, whether they are biological (e.g. viruses such as H1N1), chemical (e.g. medications) or physical (e.g. EMR sources), present insidious, synergistic and growing dangers.


Dr. George L. Carlo
The Science and Public Policy Institute
Washington, D.C.


What's killing the bats?

White Nose Syndrome Decreasing Bat Population

Sustainability Ninja - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The effects on the ecosystem may be significant because less bats means more insects, since bats are the in the spot on the food chain that balances out ...



What's killing the bats?

Boston Globe

“If it's frogs yesterday, bees two days ago, bats today, and something else in two more years,” he adds, “how long before this system falls apart on us? ...



How does wi-fi technology (laptops, etc) affect the human embryo?

Peter Limbrick writes

I attended a meeting in Derby last month that was addressing concerns about wi-fi technology in the classroom. While we heard reports of pupils having unusual and unpleasant symptoms while sitting near wi-fi nodes on the classroom wall and of teachers becoming incapacitated in wi-fi parts of their school, we did not get a consistent message about the science.

My layman’s impression is that there is not yet a body of universally accepted science telling us that wi-fi is unsafe for children (certainly not any that the government wants to listen to). But, at the same time and of greater significance for me, there is no science telling us that it is safe. This reminds me of the debate about smoking and cancer and secondary smoking. We had to wait for decades for the government to pay attention to the mounting scientific evidence. As always, funding for scientific research, vested interests and the welfare of children must jostle for position.


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