Erste Todesfälle durch Nanotechnologie

Nanotechnologie die ersten Opfer

Das jüngste der bestaunten Wunder mag Nanotechnologie inzwischen nicht mehr sein - als eine Gefahr für diejenigen erkannt, die damit arbeiten müssen wird es erst jetzt. Zwei von mehreren Frauen, die bei der Herstellung von Farben für die Druckindustrie erkrankten sind gestorben. Der kurze Bericht "Erste Todesfälle durch Nanotechnologie" vom August 2009 bei ungesundleben ist auch mit diversen Links zu den Sachfragen dahinter versehen:


Aus: LabourNet, 21. August 2009


Mobile phones buzz out honeybees

Don Sebastian / DNA

Friday, August 21, 2009 2:54 IST

Thiruvananthapuram: Sweet nothings murmured into a mobile phone spell doom for honeybees, says a study. The booming communication industry is not helping one sector - apiculture - at least. Honey and bee wax are not the only things at stake, though. One-third of our crops need bees to pollinate.

"There is a 60% plunge in Kerala's commercial bee population. Bees are susceptible to diseases and attacks by ants, wasps and wax moths, but vigilant keepers can check these," Sainudeen Pattazhy, reader in zoology, SN College, Punalur, said. His study warns that bees would be wiped out in a decade if mobile phone towers continue to proliferate at the current rate.



Fifth of honeybees died in winter

I don't think that Urban hives will be very successful with all the Urban phone masts. Could be a greater number of dead bees next year.

Taking the EMF issue seriously with bees could be critical. But they are all burying their heads in the sand.

It's ALL sources of EMF that is having an effect of course...


Fifth of honeybees died in winter

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


The link below is to a very interesting short video about bees dying. It shows several smart people who understand that bees are dying and have various views about the causes. Unfortunately they are not quite smart enough to realise that electro magnetic radiation is harming the bees and is a major contributor to CCD.

Martin Weatherall


Plan Bee from the Co-Op pairs film release with environmental action

Netribution - UK

Honeybees are dying in their millions and no-one knows why. In the UK around one third of all hives were lost in the winter of 2008. Vanishing of the Bees ...




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