Biological Effects of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

From Eileen O'Connor:
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I'm attaching a paper we presented at the WHO conference on EHS and a study we did at a school in Toronto. We have since repeated the study at two schools in Minnesota with similar results so I have confidence that we are measuring a beneficial effect of the filters, especially since we used dummy filters in the two Minnesota schools.


Hair Loss Microwaves Mobiles and Electric Smog Health warning

Do circulate the attached to your groups. Don Maisch's article on CFS is very good.


Betreff: Keep your hair on, do forward
Von: Rod Read
Datum: Tue, 9 May 2006 15:14:19 +0100

Hair Loss Microwaves Mobiles and Electric Smog Health warning from ES-UK charity 1103018


New scientific research is isolating links between hair loss and living near microwave phone mast transmitters, a case study was reported in the Daily Mail on 8/5/06. The same linking mechanisms are becoming apparent with power line 50Hz distribution systems too, warnings about these health effects, especially childhood leukaemia from living near pylons, were widely reported last week. This was a result of reports to the Health Protection Agency based on seven years of research by Dr Draper of Cambridge University.

The biological effects of EMFs were supposed to be examined in great detail by an expert committee of the USA National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) years ago. This was conducted through a Congressionally chartered organisation which was contracted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1983 to conduct a review of the biological effects of extra low frequency,ELF, EMFs. Work was discontinued in 1986, due to funding cuts at the EPA, but resumed in 1991. In early 1995 the draft of the 800-page NCRP report was leaked to the New York-based publication Microwave News, which published the report’s findings in August 1995. The final report was supposed to be publicly available in early 1996, but has received such intense industry opposition to its findings that its final outcome remains uncertain. Will it ever see the light of day against massive opposition fearful of regulation ask concerned scientists today? The Committee’s membership was described by chairman Dr. Ross Adey as "carefully selected to cover the great majority of societal interests on this scientific problem, including power industry engineers, epidemiologists, public health specialists as well as molecular and cellular biologists". The draft report generally endorses a 2 mG (0.2 mcT) exposure limit, having immediate implications for new day care centres, schools and playgrounds, and for new transmission lines near existing housing plus different regulation for new developments.

The NCRP Committee states that, "In key areas of bioelectromagnetic research, findings are sufficiently consistent and form a sufficiently coherent picture to suggest plausible connections between ELF EMF exposures and disruption of normal biological processes, in ways meriting detailed examination of potential implications in human health."

With any illness characterised by chronic fatigue, such as is reported by ElectroSensitivity sufferers, ES, more severe sufferers with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, EHS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus (CEBV), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), the important outcome is a severely dysfunctional immune system. Links are indicated via effects on hormone production and the pineal gland. Evidence that these conditions involve an immunological disorder is accumulating rapidly. Within the past few years the report says various abnormalities have been found in the immune system of CFS patients, for example. These include alterations in the activity and cell surface structure of two important types of white blood cells: natural killer cells and T-lymphocytes. In some patients, subtle changes have been found in the levels of neuroendocrine hormones in the brain. Evidence indicates that CFS is associated with, if not directly caused by, a persistent, low-level impairment of the immune system.

The coat of animals has long been used as a reliable indicator of overall health and fitness, it is always subjected to the closest scrutiny by judges at Crufts or Smithfield. Human hair is no different and indeed the long-standing universal appeal across the world of good-looking hair depends on its being seen as indicating health and well-being. Most of us are distraught at unexpectedly encountering problems retaining it but increasing numbers of reports are filtering back to health charities, support groups and hairdressers of unusual loss when masts operate in nearby vicinities. It does not apply to all across the board, sometimes it is entire streets, other times or places isolated individuals or families, perhaps with some predisposition or existing chronic complaint. The microwave beams are reflected and refracted bouncing around according to local conditions, sometimes overlapping, creating random hotspots only detectable with a microwave ‘e-smog’ detector. Those affected often report hair coming out in clumps, sometimes from children’s heads and often associated with deteriorating skin conditions, rashes, reddening and spots.

Irrespective of the ‘trigger’ of the condition, whether it be EMFs, viral, another environmental factor, a genetic predisposition, stress, or a combination of these factors, any additional contributing factors which may also detrimentally affect the immune system should be identified, investigated and eliminated (or reduced) as part of the treatment. Not easy when local planning authorities are restrained from objecting on health grounds to mast erection proposals, even next to schools or hospitals and doctors remain entirely in the dark about EMF bioeffects.

Existing evidence indicates that exposure to environmental level 50 - 60 Hz EMFs, typical of our domestic systems, may be an immune system stressor with the potential to cause hormone disruption and changes at a cellular level. Therefore, EMF exposure should be evaluated as a potential risk factor for people suffering from disorders with the common feature of unexplained chronic fatigue.

Current scientific evidence indicates that prolonged exposure to EMFs, at levels that can now be readily encountered in the environment because of widespread new radiation emitting sources, may affect immune system function by affecting biological processes in ways similar to that seen with CFS. New evidence of this is constantly appearing. Considering the increasing incidence of CFS in the community many consider that medical practitioners should advise patients about the prudent avoidance of EMFs. It used to be a relatively simple matter to locate sources of EMF and generally to avoid them, today this is less easy. The lack of full scientific certainty, as Sir William Stewart, head of the HPA made clear in his “lamentably ignored” demand for the “precautionary principle” to be adopted in the 2000 MTHR (Mobile telephony Health Research) safety report said, should not be used as a reason for postponing measures to prevent exposure to any potentially harmful source. Especially for vulnerable minority sub-groups. If measures generally reducing EMF exposure can be taken at reasonable expense and with reasonable consequences in all other respects, every effort should be made to reduce exposure to the lowest possible level seems common sense. Who wants to be involuntarily hairless?

For greater detail there is a fully referenced scientific report by D. Maisch, B. Rapley, R.E. Rowland, J. Podd available on http://www.acnem.org/journal/17-2_december_1998/cfs-emfs.htm titled

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Is prolonged exposure to environmental level powerline frequency electromagnetic fields a co-factor to consider in treatment?”

The article first appeared in Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, Vol. 17, No. 2, December 1998, pages 29-35. Copyright in the article vests with ACNEM.

ElectroSensitivity-UK (registered charity 1103018) helping the vulnerable minority reacting to electromagnetic fields, microwaves, RF etc. all 'electrosmog'. Rod Read M.Phil.,(Cantab), Dip Psych Couns., Cert.Ed. director Please support us with a donation, (£10 min.) our only income, to ES-UK as below. We welcome help from scientists, doctors and health experts in understanding causes and links, diagnosis and treatments. Also all media inquiries. ES-UK Office, Bury Lane, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2BB. Tel: 01353-778151 or at http://www.electrosensitivity.org.uk
Also by e-mail at electrosensitivity@hotmail.com Trustees: Professor of Human Radiation Effects Dr Denis Henshaw, Dr David Dowson MD., ChB, Jean Philips BA. Scientific advice from: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk, Keith Jamieson Dip.AAS. Bsc(Hons) RIBA. Inst.Ph., Environmental Consultant and others. Visit http://www.tetrawatch.net

Informant: Eileen O'Connor

Electrosensitivity health warning

Please send to your EMF distribution list and qualify for a free CD with a special song produced by Ricky Gardiner for all EHS sufferers, he has had EHS for over 10 years.


Kind regards

Sarah Dacre

Informant: Eileen O'Connor

Der Mobilfunk und die Folgen


Die Interessengemeinschaft betroffener Bürger informierte über die Auswirkungen des drahtlosen Telefonierens.

Kleinsendelbach - Mit den Auswirkungen der Mobilfunktechnik auf den menschlichen Organismus beschäftigte sich eine Informationsveranstaltung im Foyer der Schule, zu der die „Interessengemeinschaft vom Mobilfunk betroffener Bürger Kleinsendelbach-Steinbach-Schellenberg“ eingeladen hatte.

Zunächst führte Martin Liepe, Umweltanalytiker des TÜV Süd, die Zuhörer in die technischen Zusammenhänge der hochfrequenten, gepulsten Strahlen ein. Zwar reiche rein technisch gesehen die Strahlung eines Mobilfunkmastes bis zu 40 km weit, die breit gefächerten Nutzungsmöglichkeiten aber machen scheinbar ein wesentlich dichteres Mastnetz erforderlich. Dabei nehme das UMTS-Netz zur Zeit eine Spitzenstellung ein, werde dafür doch alle 80 Meter Sendemaste benötigt. Der damit einhergehende massive Ausbau bringe als besonderes Risikopotenzial eine immer höhere Strahlenbelastung. Die Betreiber könnten mit 100- bis 10 000-mal höheren Grenzwerten arbeiten als im europäischen Ausland erlaubt.

Doktor Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam von der „Initiative Bamberger Appell“ erläuterte, dass man im März und April diesen Jahres 160 Familien an Mobilfunkstandorten besucht habe, die trotz eingehaltener Grenzwerte unter meist schweren Gesundheitsstörungen zu leiden hätten, ohne dass die Ärzte dafür Ursachen finden könnten. Bei Aufenthalten an unbelasteten Orten würden sich diese Menschen wieder sehr schnell erholen. Darüber hinaus finden sich Tumorerkrankungen, Schlafstörungen, Gelenkbeschwerden sowie Konzentrationsstörungen.

Daraus müsse eine Pflicht für die Behörden abgeleitet werden, in Zusammenarbeit mit den Gesundheitsämtern die gemeldeten Erkrankungen zu untersuchen, so Dr. Waldmann-Selsam, um dann als einzig probates Mittel, die Abschaltung der jeweiligen Sender anzuordnen.

Wie Frank Herdegen und Georg Schmidtlein von der Kleinsendelbacher Interessengemeinschaft abschließend bestätigten, haben sich inzwischen zahlreiche Mediziner aus Neunkirchen, Eckental, Igensdorf, Gräfenberg und Lauf der Gesundheitsproblematik von Mobilfunk und DECT-Anlagen besonders angenommen und warnen ihre Patienten mit Plakaten vor den Nebenwirkungen dieser gepulsten Strahlen. Fr

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Ärzte und Mobilfunk

Ärzteappelle gegen Mobilfunk

Ärztekammern und Mobilfunk


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